Thursday, June 3, 2010

My Easter Sunday Surprise.....

Easter Sunday we had an Egg Hunt on the beach, which was our third Egg Hunt at the beach. Celebrating Easter at the beach was so much fun. 

We went swimming, on Easter.  Taneah took me out to far and I started to drown because water got in my ears and I stated screaming. The water was going into my ears caused such horrible pain.  Mom told me to stop being so dramatic. Instead of swimming I  put my hands over my ears and yelled. My ears hurt so bad.

On the way home we stopped at McDonald's it was the most coolest one I have ever seen it had a T.V. with a sitting area so you can relax and drink your coffee. It was so clean it had a kids play area with video games.

When we left my ear started to hurt mom and Anessa thought I had swimmers ear. Anessa gave me some Tylenol.  My mom put cotton in my ears when we got home because they were draining and blood was coming from them.   The next day me and Annuh and Anessa went to the doctor's to have our ears looked at.  It turns out I have a very very bad middle ear infection the doctor said I was lucky to make it through the night!! They put me on two medications. Annuh had ear inner infection so she got ear drops. I hate this infection it hurts really bad sometimes!!!

My mom was upset when they doctor said I have holes in my ears from my tubes. They told her my ears were healed. They also have never said anything about me have holes in my ears all this time.   I got my tubes out when I was 4. I'm going to have to have surgery to fix my ears. I'm hoping that I don't have hearing loss from it. My sister Taneah as slight hearing loss in her ear from her tubes.  I will be happy when I no longer have to worry about my ears and the pain when I swim...


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