Saturday, July 11, 2009

Our Treasure

Today, Nessa wrote a map for me, Dewy and Annuh. My map said I had to do 1. Clean your room to find clue#1. 2. Take 2 test to see what lies a head clue #2 .... 3. Break! must eat n watch TV for 1 hour. 4. Blog, Blog, write your thoughts, to unleash clue #3. Clean for 45 minuets to find clue #4. Nessa told us what are treasure was. My treasure was a back rub and Dewy's was unlimited access to TV and Annuh's treasure was a makeover by Nessa. It was fun! Note to anyone who wants to get their cleans to clean: This is a fun game and I think this will help make your day easier and your child's day easier. It worked for me, Dewy, Annuh, and Nessa.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Fridays when Anessa, Natasha, Ricky and Taneah were little ment it was family movie night. They eventually stopped doing their family movie night. My mom and sisters started to talk about how they used to have such a good time on their family movie nights and now every Wednesdays are our family movie night. The earliest we end it is at midnight and the latest is 3:00 am. It is very fun! We watch classics, war, comedy and every thing in between. We make special food to eat. It is such a wonderful time for me and my family. I hope every family does something special once a week together.

the beach

When I was seven, We went to South Myrtle Beach for a week. It was a long way there. We went and met Natasha at a gas station near here house it was really dark there was no moon or stars. We were starving and tired Mom was mad at Natasha cause it took forever for her to meet us there. We spent the night at my sisters house and the next day we left to go to the beach. We stayed at my Godfather's uncle's beach house. The house was huge it had three sets of stairs. One time me Dewy and Annuh got out of the house we were pounding and yelling help!! Finely our Mom herd us and let us in. Me and Dewy went boogie boarding and swimming. It was so much fun! Natasha made me and Annuh mermaids in the sand. It was so much fun!!!!!!!

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