Thursday, June 3, 2010

Getting to See old Friends.....

We are driving to Michigan to see my old doctor his name is Doctor Merchetta he's done surgery on me twice so I am not very scared anymore.

We are staying with one of my best friends Makailliea I can't wait to see her. Staying with her is going to be the best thing about going to Michigan to have my surgery.

We are going to be staying with her. We will be staying there for about three weeks. My mom will only be able to come for a week. We are going to meet up with Tosh, Bryon and Kip in Michigan. I can't wait. it has been over 2 yrs since I seen Bryon. I can't wait. They will follow us back to North Carolina. They are moving back home.

I can't wait till we go to Michigan to see old friends again. It will be so much fun. Though I'm not looking forward to the drive. Anessa will drive. Aryie will cry, Dewy and Annuh will watch TV. We all will want to know how long the trip will be and how much further before we are there. But when we get there we will have so much fun. I'm excited.


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