Thursday, December 8, 2011

Recycling Quiz

How many times can you recycle a can of cat food?
a. once
b. 10 times
c. 100 times
d. infinity (Answer)

Back in 1961, how much wood pulp was in a single diaper?
a. 1 gallon of wood pulp (Answer)
b. Diapers were made entirely of wood
c. 1 bushel

The Department of Agriculture found a way to make disposable diapers out of?
News Paper
Chicken feathers(Answer) 

Every ton of new glass produced generates ...... lbs. of air pollution?
Using recycled glass to produce new glass products reduces air pollution by .....%?

To manufacture 85 million tons of paper, how many trees must be cut down and processed?
1.4 billion trees (Answer)
3 billion
5.2 billion
6 billion

Over 5 billion aluminum cans are recycled each year. If laid end to end, these cans would form a line reaching from?
LA-New York
Earth-Moon( believe it or not this is the Answer) 
New York-Paris

Recycling one ton of paper saves?
3 Trees
10 Trees
13 Trees
17 Trees(Answer)

For each $1,000.00 of fast food served, the solid waste created equals?
10 lbs.
25 lbs.
200 lbs.(Answer)
500 lbs.

For each $1,000.00 of fast food served, the solid waste created equals?

How many acres of forest could be saved by recycling half the world's paper?
10 million
15 million
20 million(Answer)
25 million

How many pounds of plastic are thrown out yearly by Americans?
500 million
5 billion
10 billion
20 billion(Answer)

"The Mac deal"

As I was looking for my dream Apple, I'm trying to choose between the MAC and the iPad. I came across Apples recycling program. I wasn't aware of their recycle program when I ran across so I thought I would take this opportunity and share with my readers.

Apple recycles everything from MAC, PC, to batteries. They remove all components that maybe reused or recycled. The metal and glass can be used in new products. They recycle most of the plastics by using the pellitized method to turn it into raw secondary materiel. By using these methods Apple recycles/recovers up to 90%  rate of recovery of the orginal weight of the product being recycled/reused. This reduces the need for raw materials which has lessens the impact on the environment......reduces your carbon footprint. 

If the product you send in happens to qualify for reuse program. Apple will send you a Apple gift card in the amount that your product was valued at to use for a future Apple purchase. If it gets recycled Apple will recycle it responsibly and the best part is at NO cost to you. 

Reycled jewelry

Junk Jewelry: 25 Extraordinary Designs to Create from Ordinary Objects

Here are some fun ways to make recycled jewelry 
Shainsware BFF 3 Bracelet Kit Pink orchid & sky setShainsware BFF 2 Bracelets and 1 CuffKit Black, strawberry, lake
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