Saturday, June 5, 2010

Meeting New Friends.....

Yesterday we play on the beach For about 30 minutes. We tried making a sand castle but that did not work out. So we walked on the beach for awhile. Annuh and I played in the water and Annuh fell three times in the water! It was funny until I fell in the water. After that we headed back to the condo and Annuh and I cleaned up while Ness made lunch. After that we went to mom's friend Michelle's house. She had a son named Ben who taught us how to play volleyball and pool. We also played basketball and watched some t.v. until Dinner was done. We had hamburgers, hot dogs, salad, and pigs in a blanket. It was delicious!!!! We got there at three'ocolck and left after 8:30.We had a blast :+} :+} :+} :+} :+}!!!!! I can't wait until we moved there, we will live just around the corner.

Friday, June 4, 2010

A History Place

When we were in Morehead City, NC we went to the museum called A History Place.  It was sooooOOOooo cool! I learned that back then when they used to call the alphabet object lessons.

There was this one girl whose last name was Piggot. She had a dress with pockets underneath it. In the pockets she carried 1 pair of boots, 2 T-shirts, a few dresses, 4-5 pounds of candy ,a few razors, sewing cloth, sewing pins, and other things. It's kinda like Anessa's purse except Nessa had a Mary-Kate purse but that's another story.

They had a sewing area they had old sewing machines from the 1970's they also had a iron that was as big as Aryies' baba (binky, passy). They had art work also a kitchen area from back in the day. It had an old apple peeler in it. Dewy was talking to he lady at the front desk she showed us some brouchers where we can get a tour on a old world war ship and one for a history day camp me and Dewy are going to do this July. Perfect for us since we are moving in July. When we start we get one T-shirt, a cap,a bottle of water, one snack, and a journal with a pen, and at the end of camp we will do a play and one story from everyone journal's will be published!!!! Can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Getting to See old Friends.....

We are driving to Michigan to see my old doctor his name is Doctor Merchetta he's done surgery on me twice so I am not very scared anymore.

We are staying with one of my best friends Makailliea I can't wait to see her. Staying with her is going to be the best thing about going to Michigan to have my surgery.

We are going to be staying with her. We will be staying there for about three weeks. My mom will only be able to come for a week. We are going to meet up with Tosh, Bryon and Kip in Michigan. I can't wait. it has been over 2 yrs since I seen Bryon. I can't wait. They will follow us back to North Carolina. They are moving back home.

I can't wait till we go to Michigan to see old friends again. It will be so much fun. Though I'm not looking forward to the drive. Anessa will drive. Aryie will cry, Dewy and Annuh will watch TV. We all will want to know how long the trip will be and how much further before we are there. But when we get there we will have so much fun. I'm excited.

My Easter Sunday Surprise.....

Easter Sunday we had an Egg Hunt on the beach, which was our third Egg Hunt at the beach. Celebrating Easter at the beach was so much fun. 

We went swimming, on Easter.  Taneah took me out to far and I started to drown because water got in my ears and I stated screaming. The water was going into my ears caused such horrible pain.  Mom told me to stop being so dramatic. Instead of swimming I  put my hands over my ears and yelled. My ears hurt so bad.

On the way home we stopped at McDonald's it was the most coolest one I have ever seen it had a T.V. with a sitting area so you can relax and drink your coffee. It was so clean it had a kids play area with video games.

When we left my ear started to hurt mom and Anessa thought I had swimmers ear. Anessa gave me some Tylenol.  My mom put cotton in my ears when we got home because they were draining and blood was coming from them.   The next day me and Annuh and Anessa went to the doctor's to have our ears looked at.  It turns out I have a very very bad middle ear infection the doctor said I was lucky to make it through the night!! They put me on two medications. Annuh had ear inner infection so she got ear drops. I hate this infection it hurts really bad sometimes!!!

My mom was upset when they doctor said I have holes in my ears from my tubes. They told her my ears were healed. They also have never said anything about me have holes in my ears all this time.   I got my tubes out when I was 4. I'm going to have to have surgery to fix my ears. I'm hoping that I don't have hearing loss from it. My sister Taneah as slight hearing loss in her ear from her tubes.  I will be happy when I no longer have to worry about my ears and the pain when I swim...
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