Thursday, September 26, 2013

DIY Heart print pants

Okay so I was on Pinterest I saw this cute DIY for pants or you could do it to shorts... Here is what you will need....  

*Heart stencil
*a pair of skinny jeans or shorts
*a removable fabric pen
*fabric paint(any color you want)
*cosmetic sponge

Start by marking your jeans to create a guide for your stencil approximately two inches apart. 

DIY heart print jeans how to

Then take your paint and pour onto a paper plate use the cosmetic sponge then dab it on a piece of paper to get excess paint off and then start stenciling vertically. Reaper with the other leg. And there you go a simple cute and stylish pair of pants or shorts!!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Old T-Shirt to Stylish Dress

       Okay so I was on YouTube and Facebook and I saw a really simple and cute way to take a plain old t-shirt and make it a super cute fashionable dress!! And I thought I should share...


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