Wednesday, February 2, 2011

My Bike Ride With My Brothers

I had an exciting fun weekend when my brothers and sisters came to visit. It was the first time we were all together since I was the ripe young age of 5. We had fun taking pictures, hanging out and picking on each other.

Sunday Morning, my brother Ricky wanted to go for a bike ride so Dewy, Bryon and myself went for a bike ride with him. Though before we could leave we had to pump air in the tires. We hoped the air would stay in the tires...No one wanted to walk their bike back.

First we rode by the boats then we rode to the bridge on Russel Creek Road and that's where a very small boat was sunk a long time ago. Depending on the depth of the water is how much you can see of the boat. Funny my mom didn't even know that it was there. Guess she needs to go a little slower in life so she can enjoy the cool things.

My brother Dewy never ever likes to go on long bike rides so we had to take him back home and drop him off. The rest of us kept on stopping and looking at boats and looking at houses saying "Boy American Pickers should come here."  Then we went down another subdivision, Then they took be me into the woods three times(trust me not as much fun as you would think it would be). You never ever know where those two boys will take you. Tho, I  know I'm safe with them according to my mother but one has to wonder...heheheheteeheee

We had a race back to the house. It was fun! The results of the race: First place was  Ricky (not fair since he has won a bike in a bike race), Second place was Me (Jem) I was amazed, and last but not least Third place was Bryon........

We had a good time can't wait to have all my brothers and sisters together again! Love having a big loving family.
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