Saturday, December 19, 2009

For Future Chefs

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Are you there GOD it's me Maragrat

Are you there GOD it's me Margaret is one of the greatest books ever. Margaret is the main charterer who is half Jewish and half Christan and has to move from New Jersey to New York. This is a very practical book and it helps a lot of girls who are ten or older. The main charterers are Herb who is Margaret's dad, Barbra who is Margaret's mom, Margaret's Grandma (from her dads side) who's name is Sylvia and Margaret's friends names are Nancy, Gretchen, and Jane. Its a really good book! A must read!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

My Christmas List....not a typical child's list...

My Christmas List:

my family to be safe is going to be on list every year
Taneah and Kolin to have a happy life together
and for my God-Father Bryon to be Safe is going to be on my Christmas list EVERY YEAR!!!
Wizards of Waverly place soundtrack,
Mad Style by True Jackson clothing line,
Jonas Bothers high tops and video game for DS,
Mario Brothers for the Wii,

Another day in Jem's Life

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Getting Our Family Pictures Taken....

Today we got up at 8:00 except me; they woke me up at 9:00. We all were up early to get ready for our family Christmas pictures and to see Santa.

Me, Dewy, Annuh, Kip, and Aryie matched some what. Annuh and I were dressed in matching shirts. Dewy and Kip had matching shirts and sweaters. Aryie wore a red shirt.

First we went to get Christmas pictures done. (it took a long time for us to do our pictures).

Next went to Mc Donalds we all shared our meals with each other. We played there for about six minutes.

Then we went back to Belk because Nessa wanted to change our picture order. Me, Tosh, Kip, Annuh, and Dewy walked around the store until Anessa got back.

Then we went to stand in line for Santa clause we were the first in line. Anessa had to walk around with Aryie to keep her entertained. Then we got to take pictures with Santa clause. Annuh sat on Santa's lap Kip was so happy he was to see him but he did not sit on his lap. Santa was good from a view for him. Me, Dewy, Kip stood by Santa. Aryie did not do the pictures cause she was scared.

We were all happy to finally get to go home.

Another day in Jem's life
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