Tuesday, January 3, 2012

different ways to go green and save money

Here are some different ways to go green and they are easy and not to mention there is a huge plus side-they help you save money!  

1. Turn the lights of when you leave the room 
2. Wash laundry in cold water
3. Turn off your computer completely at night
4. Pay as many bills as you can online
5. Switch all your lights to florescent light bulbs
6. Unplug Cell phone charger
7. Turn off water while brushing your teeth 
8. Take a shower under 10 minutes
9. Collect water when it rains to water your plants
10. Stop using bottled water and switch to a water purify
11. Start using a clothes line and air dry your clothes it also keeps your clothes colors and it save you money.....and people wonder why all these years why we did it.
12. Use cruise control it saves up to 15% gas mileage
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