Friday, September 11, 2009

The Gem Show

Today me, Dewy, Annuh, Kip, Anessa, Aryie, and NaTasha went to a Gem Show. The show wasn't very far from our house. One of the turns on the way there was terrible! There was always traffic one way or both!! There were lots and lots of jewelry at the Gem Show like diamonds, gems, gold, and even stuff from Egypt!. They had fossils there too!! The coolest fossil was the fossilized popcorn!! They had fossilized Dinosaur brain!! We went panning for gold and Dewy found some sort of rock and a piece of gold, Annuh got two small pieces of gold, and I got a small piece of gold. Dewy got a Shark tooth necklace and picked the biggest one. We seen Denise and Willow, our friends from karate, at the show. We had a great time.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

My Sister Anessa

Anessa is my older sister. We just call her Ness and Nessa. Anessa is Aryie's mom. She watches us when mom goes away. Nessa is the one who I always cook with and the one who got me interested in cooking and taught me how to cook. I really enjoy cooking with her a lot. She is one of our teachers. Anessa has a website called . She does an online business with my mom. She is helping me, Dewy and Annuh with our website and charity. She makes sure that our website is very safe. Anessa is one very sweet sister/mom. She always tells everyone that she has 4 kids, one that she has given birth to and three more. She takes us to karate and to the doctor when we need to go. She takes very good care of us. My mom is thankful for all the help she gets from Anessa taking care of us. She also is my godmother and my twin. We look alike and act alike. I'm lucky to have such a wonderful, loving and caring big sister.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

They are Finally Home!!!!

Natasha and Kip came home September third. Kip loves going outside so we spend a lot of time outside. Natasha gave her clothes that were to small for her to me. Plus she gave me three shirts for my birthday since she was in Alaska on my birthday. She got Dewy a dinosaur book and two shirts. They are leaving in February. When Taneah gets back from Korea we are going to Walt Disney World!! The sad part is Taneah is coming home November first which is the day before the trip. Natasha is not coming with us to Walt Disney World. She does not want to go. So we are leaving Aryie home with tosh cause she takes naps during the day and being gone from morning until night will be hard for her.
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