Friday, June 4, 2010

A History Place

When we were in Morehead City, NC we went to the museum called A History Place.  It was sooooOOOooo cool! I learned that back then when they used to call the alphabet object lessons.

There was this one girl whose last name was Piggot. She had a dress with pockets underneath it. In the pockets she carried 1 pair of boots, 2 T-shirts, a few dresses, 4-5 pounds of candy ,a few razors, sewing cloth, sewing pins, and other things. It's kinda like Anessa's purse except Nessa had a Mary-Kate purse but that's another story.

They had a sewing area they had old sewing machines from the 1970's they also had a iron that was as big as Aryies' baba (binky, passy). They had art work also a kitchen area from back in the day. It had an old apple peeler in it. Dewy was talking to he lady at the front desk she showed us some brouchers where we can get a tour on a old world war ship and one for a history day camp me and Dewy are going to do this July. Perfect for us since we are moving in July. When we start we get one T-shirt, a cap,a bottle of water, one snack, and a journal with a pen, and at the end of camp we will do a play and one story from everyone journal's will be published!!!! Can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!


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