Saturday, July 11, 2009

Our Treasure

Today, Nessa wrote a map for me, Dewy and Annuh. My map said I had to do 1. Clean your room to find clue#1. 2. Take 2 test to see what lies a head clue #2 .... 3. Break! must eat n watch TV for 1 hour. 4. Blog, Blog, write your thoughts, to unleash clue #3. Clean for 45 minuets to find clue #4. Nessa told us what are treasure was. My treasure was a back rub and Dewy's was unlimited access to TV and Annuh's treasure was a makeover by Nessa. It was fun! Note to anyone who wants to get their cleans to clean: This is a fun game and I think this will help make your day easier and your child's day easier. It worked for me, Dewy, Annuh, and Nessa.


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