Thursday, December 5, 2013

CD Embellished Shirt

Do you have some old Cd's you know you never are going to listen to or use? Or have a collared shirt you want to spice up? Well this is the perfect DIY for you!!

Here is what you'll need
1. Cd's
2. Scissors
3. Super Glue
4. Collared shirt

First what you will need to do is boil the Cd's for a few minutes. Cut the CD straight down the middle then you are going to wanna take the shiny clear part off the CD (You will be using the solid part of the CD's). Next you are going to cut the CD into triangles and super glue them to your collar. Now you have a super cute spiced up collared shirt and you used up some of your old Cd's..

                                         Now you have a super cute and unique collared shirt!!


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